We have made every effort to source the finest and highest quality ingredients possible. The balance between authentic Italian recipes and locally sourced produce has taken us all over Ireland and Italy. We think you’ll agree, a worthwhile exercise and as the result we have the best tasting pizza in Ireland. Our dough is made from flour imported from Italy and is the highest quality flour. We use a long fermentation method when making our dough. This means that we do not use our dough for a minimum of 24 hours after making it, allowing the dough to settle. We use half the salt and half the yeast used in most other pizza dough. The result is a delicious, airy, light and crispy pizza dough that will not make you feel bloated and is not as fattening as other doughs. In fact, eating one of our pizzas is like eating a normal nutritional meal and not your full days intake of carbohydrates and fats as is the case with so many other pizzas available. We make our tomato sauce fresh every morning. We actually make all own sauces on site every day. All our toppings are locally sourced where possible. Our seafood come fresh from Wrights of Marino every day.


Having acquired all the gluten free certifications required by the various food safety bodies in Ireland, we have gone a step further and created Irelands only dedicated gluten free kitchen. We have separate gluten free storage and dedicated staff for gluten free areas. We intend to set the standard in gluten free catering in Ireland. Again much time and effort was put in to creating the perfect pizza and we have created a gluten free pizza that’s tastes like good delicious pizza should. Our dough is made from rice based flour and is lactose free too. We make it thin and crispy and have enjoyed the many compliments afforded to us on its delicious taste. The gluten free base is completely fat free. Our sauces, toppings and dips are all freshly prepared daily in the gluten free kitchen. Again we only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.


We source all our salad ingredients daily so that we can always offer the freshest and most delicious salads every day. We use similar ingredients to our pizzas and so guarantee freshness and quality. Delivered to the customer in Chinese noodle boxes together with cutlery and our home made dressings we take our inspiration from Italy and offer a salad that is second to none.